Nuvolution is Txema Cabria’s Alter-Ego, my most lawbreaker side and space where I can experiment, risk and create with complete freedom in search of a unique branding sound, a miscegenation project that flows between electronic instrumental music and ethnical roots from Celtic and Medium East influences.

With its first project, “Beyond the Unexpected”, Nuvolution introduces a new breaking style into the spectrum of newage and instrumental music by a perfect combination of a powerful production with a right balance between melodical and emotional compositions and carefully studied grooves to reach the heart of the listener.

This first project borned in september 2016, and across the process I was so lucky to count with the talent and experience of recognized artists like Yossi Sassi, who is featuring with his Bouzukitara in 5 of the songs included in this first album, or like Richard Dowling from Wav Mastering, who has been responsible of polishing the sound of stars like Paul McCartney, Billy Wyman, Cliff Richard or Clannad, amongst others.

At the beginning of 2016 I presented my first job, “Mina’s Lullabies (Las Nanas de Mina)”, which was highly recognized worldwide, with a Global Music Awards, and a The Akademia Music Awards amongst other prizes. But the real milestone for this project arrived with the Nomination to the Hollywood Music Awards in November 2016 at Los Angeles.

Nuvolution has also recently received a Global Music Awards, an American Songwriting Awards and a Hollywood Songwriting Contest for his second single, “Skye Island”, opening and uplifting theme from “Beyond the Unexpected”, and the second consecutive Nomination to Hollywood Music Awards in November 2017 at Los Angeles

I’m also dedicating professionally to the compositions of soundtracks for audiovisual works, like TV, documentaries, short-films, videogames, divulgative media, etc… You can find more of this part of his work at